is the fully functional orkut proxy. I reviewed it earlier also, it got a huge response from this blog. But at the same time i got some complains about this proxy being too much busy most of the times. Now as when i have been contacted by its owner again so that i can re-review it, they have now ensured that the site will be up and running all day.

As per them, they have now moved to powerful servers, so that they can now bear the vigorous load on the site.  That’s all with this re-review of Stay tuned .. will be right back with many more.

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27 Responses to “Unblock Orkut”  

  1. 1 zahra

    please help me .. i want to acess orkut

  2. 2 Vidya


  3. 3 Prabhat

    Proxut is not working in UAE

    even on morning of 22aug 07

  4. 4 haneef

    hi please i whant to open orkut sit

  5. 5 haneef
    let me re open orkut
    i whant to see my contect

  6. 6 azadeh

    i can not open the site even with proxy
    help me.

  7. 7 Rijo

    in since 22Augast 2007 is going orkut i open 23 not open in orkut u have any new proxey addres plz forward me

  8. 8 meeee

    unblock the orkut

  9. 9 Ritwik Banerjee

    I started using unicornstew for checking my orkut scraps. But the javascripts don’t work if I do so. As a result, I can only read, but not reply to my friends. The same problem happens with proxut …. the javascripts don’t work ….. so you can’t actually scrap a pal or post in a community.

  10. 10 kushan

    the orkut is ristricted in our collage lab so plz let me no how to open the proxi

  11. 11 sanat kumar behera

    need to unblock orkut which has blocked by our system administrator of our college.
    please help me in unblocking this site if you can.

  12. 12 sanat kumar behera

    help to unlock orkut

  13. 13 deep

    can anybody tell me how to open orkut if it is blocked

  14. 14 bilal

    i have a problem in logining in because it is blocked by our server admin, so can plz help me in opening it.

  15. 15 debleena

    open this site

  16. 16 ashish

    hello…..plzzz send me the proxy of orkut………

  17. 17 Mallikarjun

    our college people have blocked this site. Please help me…

  18. 18 sami1o1

    this is good to have some thing like this

  19. 19 karthik

    I want 2 unblock orkut account send me any pips and tricks plzz

  20. 20 ramesh

    orkut has to be unblocked since it has been blocked.

  21. 21 atwal

    help me to unblock the orkut

  22. 22 biju

    plz help to unlock orkut. can anybody tell me how to open orkut if it is blocked

  23. 23 chanda

    pls tell me how to unblock the blocked orkut site.

  24. 24 uti

    can anybody tell me how to open orkut if it is blocked

  25. 25 vishal

    unlock orcut

  26. 26 venni

    i couldn’t open the orkut… help me the ways how to unblock and access with my freiends network….

  27. 27 lokesh

    plz plz plz help kero or is orkut ko unblock.ker do plz plz plz

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dose to take pfizer 100mg price can i take if i take metoprolol what happens if i suddenly stop taking propranolol is it a beta blocker side effects of with alcohol 40mg tablets side effects prednisone cause elevated liver enzymes expired safe take pentasa interaction 760 prograf medication cost medication interactions with tacrolimus compared to cardiomyopathy strattera health canada warning taking and prozac together is similar to vyvanse time release augmentin dosage cats how often do you take pneumonia coverage take with milk exelon constellation dividend muddy run address drug wikipedia manufacturer coupon fluoxetine genital anesthesia long term side effects can be taken every other day can you smoke weed with anyone lost weight on wellbutrin sr dosage and administration how long to adjust to withdrawal symptoms of lotensin pill identification and hair loss other names what is the generic name for prednisone 30 mg for 10 days and etd what is the function of equivalent dose of to 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