Now lets get ready for some for fun with orkut and your orkut friends, This time we wil learn on how to make your picture unclickable on orkut profile. By using this cool orkut tricks you can make your friends confuse and it would be fun doing so, yes surely. Okay now enough i said its time for the main funny orkut trick:

1. Open your microsoft paint. Yes ofcourse from start, Programs, Acessories.
2. Now press this keyboard shortcut from your keyboard alt+i+s
3. Enter 95 and 95 in the textboxes, height to width ratio.
4. Save this image as somethingxyz.jpeg.
5. login into orkut and upload this image as your profile picture.
6. Thats it and your are done.

Now see the effect of this trick, no one wil be able to click on your image now. So in a way a you are invisible on orkut. Your picture is just virtually unclickable now. Have fun with these cool orkut tricks, stay tuned for some more.

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8 Responses to “Invisible picture on orkut : become invisible”  

  1. 1 Venkatesh


  2. 2 Suresh P

    Plz help me to open Orkut

  3. 3 samsung

    please unblock this site

  4. 4 gaurav

    i m not able to login becoz my college blocked this website……
    plz give me suggestion…

  5. 5 ck

    This one doesn’t work any more. minimum size requirement is now 32*32pixel

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