Orkut is a social networking site created by famous google engineer Orkut Buyyokktoken. Orkut has over 50 million users worldwide. Most of the orkut users are from brazil and india and united states also. Orkut is a web 2.0 application where the content is generated by its user, and when the users are in such high volumes then monitoring and filtering the content becomes unfeasibles for the administrators and moderators, read google. There has been many such cases across the globe where orkut has been misused by some bad elements. In recent months as the popularity of orkut has just doubled the frequency of such cases has also doubled.

Orkut was banned in iran some time ago, becuase iranian government realized orkut as a threat. People have freedom of speech and expression on orkut, but some people try to take advantage of it. The reality is even if such sites like orkut, gazzag, friendster and other such social networking sites are blocked by the country, internet service providers or even by schools, offices and colleges or any other work place. People find ways to unblock orkut and other such websites. There are hell lot of orkut proxy out there which claim to bypass any firewall of filters present in the system. Most of such proxy dont work because of two reasons firstly the orkut login is done by javascript in small login box on the orkut login page, and secondly the login is requested from secured server by making secures connection, and only those proxy servers which have the support of secured server certificates like that from verisign or other such organisations, can access and login into the orkut. And these secured server certificates are often not cheap like that of verisign will cost you 300$. So, only some of the proxy websites work perfectly in accessing and unblocking orkut.

I think there should be some active monitoring system that will assure the quality of content on orkut. Google should take some steps before its too late. The cases are increasing, in india also i am hearing about threatening cases on orkut. People specially girls are being harassed by bad elements. And the governments across the globes should also understand that they can not solve the problem just by making all these sites inaccessible. Hundreds of new sites are emerging everyday where the content is generated by users in uge volumes, and hence it becomes really unfeasible for companies to moderate such communities, where thousands of kilobytes of data is benig added every second including pictures, albums and text that too in various languages.

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4 Responses to “orkut.com users increasing, problems too”  

  1. 1 ramesh

    Ya ur right.but if google wud do something like verifying the information of the user may be they can get the information like when was the particular email id is created before registrering tat into orkut.most of the fake profiles which are created,they use a completely new email id.if this is checked ie.when was the email created and is it being used regularly by the user then am sure most of the problems in orkut can be fixed…we all know tat prevention is alwyas better than cure…it wud be very difficult for anyone to monitor each and every scrap coz its not possible.

  2. 2 she

    can u tell me how to connect to orkut

  3. 3 surya

    i am not able to access orkut on my pc

  4. 4 Manish

    i am not able to access orkut on my pc

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