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Proxut.com is a working orkut proxy. Yes, i am using that word “working” because so many proxy sites i have seen which claim to be a orkut proxy. But usually i couldn’t even login into orkut while using those proxy sites. The reason behind this is simple, orkut login is not regular login way, it consists of authentication at various levels. So all the proxy sites are not able to login into orkut while they still can access other social networking sites like myspac, bebo and other such sites.

So, i am satisfied with the way this orkut proxy works. With the help of proxut.com you wil be able to access orkut.com even in your colleges, schools and offices where it is blocked by the system administrator. Proxut still needs to change its server because sometimes it becomes slow, i can understand the high volumes of traffic they must be handling. In coming days they will be left be no other option but to take their orkut proxy to a new server. In the meanwhile the service is still great.


http://www.MTVPoxy.com One of my friends at school showed it to me and we have been using it here for a few days and it is great! It allows you to view all the best sites such as Facebook and Myspace and it is really really fast. I also really like the design.


https://www.mastercloak.com - The latest from the stable PAGEmod web proxy service, known for their immaculate support for most number of sites and decent speeds. Here is the latest release from this proxy giant.

Mashup of all web proxy scripts having support for virtually all sites in the web.The proxy is running on multiple dedicated servers.


http://myusproxy.info unblocks myspace, facebook, bebo, friendster, youtube etc. In short, now you can surf all the sites from anywhere, even where these sites are blocked like in offices, schools and colleges. Moreover, it helps you in protecting your privacy as your IP address remains hidden from everyone. So go on and enjoy.


http://secure88.com is a web based proxy with SSL support that allows you to surf all unblock sites with no restrictions at all. With SSL, you data is encripted in 128bit before transmitted out. http://secure88.com is totally free to use, hosted in a dedicated server for high speed surfing.


http://netplore.info will help you in surfing all the sites that you always want to surf, this may include but not limited to sites like Youtube, orkut,
, myspace, bebo etc. It is a fast free
hosted on solid servers. You won’t have problems like time out or slow server
. So don’t wait, spread the word and surf surf surf.


http://www.surfunblocksites.com is a new fast proxy website that allows you to surf all your favorite sites without any restrictions whatsoever. It keeps all your sensitive private info. anonymous ao that you need not worry when surfing websites. You can visit sites like MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Orkut and more which are otherwise blocked on your place by the network administrators.


http://proxyshare.net/ It’s been long since we shared any new proxy with you people. But ok here we are again with fresh new proxy. It is proxyshare.net which lets you access any blocked site at your end and that too without exposing your identity or IP address to anybody. It is a 100% anonymous proxy. It helps you surf all your favorite sites like myspace, youtube, bebo, friendster etc. 


http://maskon.info/ is a Brand New and Fast Web Proxy. Now you can surf Websites like Orkut, YouTube, MySpace and many similar Social Networking sites with http://maskon.info/ from anywhere anytime. So dont forget to tell your friends about MaskOn.info


http://www.huhomg.com/ is a fast proxy which will help unblock myspace, facebook, bebo aand your other favorite websites. It will also save your privacy as it won’t disclose your ip address to any site, that means you can surf with full freedom without any concers about privacy.

Give it a shot, try it.


http://www.bypassagent.info is a best & fast web based proxy. With our proxy service you can bypass all firewalls and visit your favorite social networking sites like MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, MiniClip, Bebo…which are blocked during school or work. Enjoy your freedom while surfing totally anonymously. Please don’t forget to bookmark us and tell your friends about http://www.bypassagent.info